June 2012

Since March 25th, the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie has offered the users of smartphones a free online audio tour of the Incredible Gauls! exhibition. This additional information is available via QR&nscp;Code, NFC sticker or a simple URL. Through a Wi-Fi connection, the phone’s internet browser can access extended information about the content of the exhibition.

At a time when mobile phone services are booming in cultural establishments, the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie is launching a new mobile phone service offering additional information to the visitors of its Incredible Gauls! exhibition. Free of charge, it is accessible to visitors using smartphones. Visitors can choose how they access this service. Depending on the smartphone, these guided tours can be accessed via a QR Code, NFC stickers or the phone’s internet browser.

This exhibition guide includes 14 different audio commentaries. Maud Gouy, the exhibition Manager, and Pascal Payeur, the exhibition Direction, give additional information to that provided within the exhibition.

Users will get a description but also some practical information about the exhibition, along with a video trailer which can be shared on social networks.

These new applications using interactive mobile technologies are designed to make it easier, smoother and more pleasant for the visitors. Universcience is considering using them across all its long-term and short-term exhibitions.

This web application has been developed by the company mobiLead.

2012_CPUniversciencewebapp_en.pdf (pdf)