GENEVA, Switzerland, February 22, 2013

WIPO publishes Patent for mobiLead, “Optical-reading code preparation device” (French inventors)

Publication No. WO/2013/024211, published on February 21, 2013.

Title of the invention: “Optical-reading code preparation device.”

Applicants: MOBILEAD (FR), Laurent Tonnelier (FR) and Ludovic Lebas (FR).
Inventors: Laurent Tonnelier (FR) and Ludovic Lebas (FR).

The invention relates to the preparation of optically readable codes.
A code is optically readable symbology, that is to say, a graphical representation of a dataset. Various formats have been proposed to codify how to produce an image that corresponds biuniquely to input data. These formats include, for example: Matrix (ISO / IEC 16022), Maxicode (ISO / IEC 16023), QR-Code (ISO / IEC 18004), among others.